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Matt Kelly - OutcomeCOE co-founder and chief sales officerHello Friends,

I wanted to share a personal revelation and a new chapter in my career journey. For years, I’ve been passionate about helping businesses harness the power of Salesforce and other incredible software solutions to solve real-world problems and drive growth.

But here’s the thing: I’ve also witnessed firsthand how many projects, regardless of the SI or their size, fall short of delivering the full potential value. It’s a common story: a promising software implementation begins with enthusiasm, but as time passes, it becomes clear that something is missing.

The truth is, I’ve often felt frustrated and powerless when I had to step back and watch from the sidelines, knowing that the outcomes were not aligning with the original vision. It’s like knowing the magic trick but being unable to perform it.

I realized there’s a missing link in the equation. A dedicated advocate for the customer, someone who ensures that the promised outcomes are not just lofty goals but tangible realities. A partner who understands both the business need and the technical aspects, bridging the gap between the software’s potential and the actual results.

So, I’ve made a choice. I’m stepping into this crucial role, where accountability for delivering on the promises made to our clients is my top priority. My focus is not on the technology, nor on the SI’s agenda, but solely on the customer’s success.

I believe that by filling this gap, we can transform how projects are executed and outcomes are achieved. It’s time to put the value back in the driver’s seat.
I’m excited about this new journey, and I’d love to connect with like-minded professionals who share my passion for customer success and delivering on the promise of innovative software solutions.

Let’s make a real impact together. Feel free to reach out; I’d love to talk to you.

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