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Improve Salesforce project outcomes - Salesforce project rescue - monitoring, root-causing, and protecting your Salesforce investments

Engagement models and options.

Improve Project Outcomes – Outcome Program Management

Riding Shotgun

Our team becomes an extension of your team when you don’t have the cycles and/or technical knowledge to manage, monitor, evaluate, and direct System Integrators—especially low-cost SIs who need more oversight.

Low-cost SIs become mid to high-cost due to constant rework.

Many SIs appreciate the expert assistance that ensures they get the feedback and insight needed to deliver what they proposed.

We identify and remediate early potential risks; OCoE Outcome Thread your requirements, we connect outcomes to sprints and backlog; review and score outputs; report weekly on outcome impact…and continuously keep the focus on your business outcomes.

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Our team is more than happy to jump in mid-project to get a project back on track and help you rescue an at-risk project.

We conduct a quick assessment and reset to refocus on your goals. We can parallel the assessment with fast, agile sprint adjustments to reduce disruption and delays for both you and your SI.

Sometimes, business exigencies (new regulations or legislation, M&A, crisis management, economic shifts, re-orgs, etc.) disrupt your ability to actively participate in and guide a project, so we can quickly insert ourselves into the flow and ensure more risk isn’t incurred by a project going off track.

Often, project issues have little to do with your strategy, blueprint or plan, and more to do with managing a vendor’s internal project management, team shift, and decision-making based on their business cycles vs. yours.

Our “insider” knowledge of the ecosystem players and models can quickly remediate this.

Ride or Die

If you have experienced more than one project that hasn’t delivered to outcomes, we offer the OCoE Outcome Program Management Framework tuned to your business, including training your program and project managers.

Ride or Die includes instruction in Outcome Threading and installation of Outcome Reporting with JIRA or the Salesforce Agile Accelerator.

We’ll assist you in overseeing project conception to completion and full project portfolio management.

In addition, we’ll assess your RFPs, contracts, and procurement processes to ensure you are getting credible delivery commitments.

We’re your ride or die when it comes to protecting your projects from start to finish.

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Managed Outcome Services

Let us handle it. Our teams. Your operations.
We manage marketing, ecommerce, or sales operations to your outcomes.

Fractional Outcome COE

Get the technical+business expertise you need without hiring or contracting full-time staff.
Tap into expertise across multiple platforms and Clouds at the cost of a single expert.

Have questions about simplifying, fixing, or improving the performance and outcomes of your initiatives?  Contact us today.

Success Workshop

How to Manage your SI
Starting a Salesforce Project? Do all the execs, project sponsors, internal investors, users, and IT stakeholders understand their roles and responsibilities in the project?

Their checklist and actions in kick-offs, milestone reviews, toll gates, sprint reviews, and user testing? OutcomeCOE offers a two-day workshop to equip your team to drive SIs to successful outcomes. Ready to improve your Salesforce outcomes?