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OutcomeCOE provides Salesforce project rescue, program management, and vendor oversight for multi-cloud and complex deployments

OCTOBER 30, 2023 (LOUISVILLE, KY) OutcomeCOE, Inc., the leading protector of Salesforce technology investments, recently achieved Salesforce Consulting partner status. This recognition highlights OutcomeCOE’s expertise and commitment to improving and protecting the business outcomes of Salesforce projects.

As a Salesforce Consulting partner, OutcomeCOE uses a  lightweight program management framework and an agile-friendly method called Outcome Threading©, which streamlines project monitoring and automates outcome reporting to ensure the trivial does not outweigh the vital.

“You can think of us as your ‘Ride or Die’ voice of the customer on projects,” said Tonya McKinney, co-founder and CEO. “If you have experienced more than one Salesforce project that hasn’t delivered the customer delight and outcomes you need, we’ll get your project back on track. At the same time, we’ll assess your RFPs, contracts, and procurement processes to ensure you are getting credible delivery commitments from your vendors.”

Being named a Salesforce Consulting partner signifies OutcomeCOE’s program management and project rescue track record.  OutcomeCOE’s partnership with Salesforce will enable businesses to achieve their desired outcomes faster and more efficiently.

“We are delighted to be recognized as a Salesforce Consulting partner,” said Matthew Kelly, co-founder and Chief Sales Officer of OutcomeCOE, Inc. “This partnership solidifies our dedication to delivering transformational project interventions and outcome-focused program management. We look forward to helping Salesforce customers unlock the platform’s full potential.”

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Ben Bradley
Co-founder, Marketing
OutcomeCOE, Inc.
Phone: 630-430-7267