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Outcome Threading – improving outcomes of Salesforce projects – now on the Salesforce AppExchange!


Protect your Salesforce project investments with Outcome Threading©.  OutcomeCOE offers a lightweight program management framework with high-impact outcomes executed by fractional teams of Salesforce multi-cloud, multi-domain, and multi-industry experts.

OutcomeCOE - the real obstacle to project success is conflicting business models - Outcome Threading solves the problem - Salesforce project rescue OutcomeCOE - Outcome Correction - getting a project back on the track at each stage of the project takes a different approach and set of tools. The real obstacle to project success is conflicting business models - Outcome Threading solves the problem OutcomeCOE - Outcome Threading - conflicting business models result in outcome drift. OutcomeCOE

Our secret sauce is an agile-friendly method called Outcome Threading© which streamlines project monitoring and automates reporting to ensure the trivial does not outweigh the vital and your System Integrators play by your rules, stay aligned, and focus on YOUR outcomes…not just outputs.

  • RIDING SHOTGUN: Our team becomes an extension of your team when you don’t have the cycles and/or technical knowledge to manage, monitor, evaluate, and direct System Integrators—especially low-cost SIs who need more oversight.


  • SALESFORCE RESCUE: Our team is happy to jump in mid-project to get a project back on track and help you rescue a Salesforce project. We conduct a quick assessment and reset to refocus on your goals.


  • SALESFORCE SUCCESS WORKSHOP: OutcomeCOE offers a two-day workshop to equip your team to drive SIs to successful outcomes.

Other services include RIDE OR DIE:  If you have experienced multiple projects that haven’t delivered to outcomes, we offer the OCoE Outcome Program Management Framework tuned to your business, including training your program and project managers. Ride or Die includes instruction in Outcome Threading and installation of Outcome Reporting with the Salesforce Agile Accelerator. We’ll assist you in overseeing project conception to completion and full Salesforce project portfolio management.

In addition, we’ll assess your RFPs, contracts, and procurement processes to ensure you are getting credible delivery commitments. We’re your ride or die when it comes to protecting your projects from start to finish.

Want to learn more? Contact Matt Kelly at (770) 362-2536.